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The most innovative laptops of 2022

The design of laptops hasn’t changed much over the years, But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some real innovation happening. I’m not talking about just fruitless experimentation either, (though there will always be some of that too). This year was full of meaningful innovation happening in the world of laptops that make them better, more powerful, and […]

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You can now hide your profile photo and online status from prying family members on WhatsApp

Last November, WhatsApp was spotted working on new privacy controls that would allow users to hide their last seen and online statuses as well as their profile pictures from certain contacts — a much-needed counter against competitor Telegram, which already supports hiding this information on a per-contact basis. Well, it’s been seven months since then and the […]

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Most Anticipated Laptops of 2022: XPS, MacBook, and more

The most exciting laptops of 2022 might not be the ones you’ll actually purchase. In some cases, these are devices that push the boundaries of what’s possible — or even practical — by experimenting with different form factors and next-gen technology. Then there’s the special. forward-thinking design that actually anticipates your needs as a laptop […]

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6 Emerging Trends that will change Laptops in 2022

Since their inception, laptops have been the go-to tech item for work and play. But in recent years, the market has seen product developments that have turned them into a necessity for many people. The introduction of touch screen technology and automatic cloud backup are just two of these innovations that have contributed to a […]

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Meet Nigerian-born Tyough Beetseh who help design the 2022 Range Rover

TY, as he is fondly called, was born in Makurdi. He is an Entrepreneur, Senior Management Consultant, and a seasoned global industry professional who has consulted for some of the world’s biggest organisations, delivering key projects for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, BBC, EDF Energy, London 2012 Olympics, Department of Work and Pensions, United […]

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