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Microsoft unveils Phi-3, its smallest AI model to run on smartphones

Microsoft has introduced the next iteration of its lightweight artificial intelligence (AI) model, called Phi-3. The updated family includes the 3.8-billion-parameter Phi-3 Mini, the 7-billion-parameter Phi-3 Small, and the 14-billion-parameter Phi-3 Medium. This release comes after the Phi-2 model, introduced in December 2023, was surpassed in performance by models such as Meta’s Llama-3 family. In the face of […]

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Lenovo is reportedly working on an AI operating system — could this be a rival to Windows 11 in the same way Huawei’s HarmonyOS competes with Android?

Details are light, but the AI OS will run on Lenovo’s AI PCs Lenovo is reportedly developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) operating system that could potentially rival Windows 11. At CES 2024, Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group and president of China, hinted at plans to release an AI OS this year as part of its strategy […]

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Google unveils Gemini, which it claims is its largest and most powerful AI model 

Google has unveiled Gemini, which it claims is its largest and most powerful AI model to date. Gemini’s capabilities surpass that of ChatGPT and other competing AI models, according to Google. Gemini is a multimodal AI that is able to incorporate information from different sources. This capability means that it can “generalize and seamlessly understand, operate across and combine […]

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You can now ask Paint in Windows 11 to create artwork for you

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of its Paint application for Windows that includes Paint Cocreator, an AI component that helps users of Paint create artwork. Paint Cocreator is based on DALL-E, a generative AI visual art platform by OpenAI. The integrated system works similarly to Microsoft’s Image Creator, which anyone may access on the Bing website. Paint […]

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