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See the Android apps that have been stealing your Facebook password

Cybersecurity analysts have discovered ten different Android apps that surreptitiously pilfered user credentials, nine of which had managed to collectively clock over 5.8 million downloads on Google’s Play Store. Malware analysts at security firm Doctor Web said that the apps masqueraded behind genuine use cases such as photo editing and framing, exercise and training, horoscopes, and removal of junk files from Android […]

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The best Android apps for organizing your life

Most of us juggle an immense amount of information these days — enough tasks, to-do’s, and scattered scraps of mental data to fill up a 40-gallon fish tank. (Just imagine all those tiny little thought-fishies swimming around! Glub, glub, glub.) But guess what? Your tired ol’ noggin isn’t the only tool for keeping track of […]

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