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Latest Google Search update fights against spam

Goodbye spam, hello, better search results. What You Need To Know Over 8.5 billion Google searches are made every day, with users looking for comprehensive results that answer their queries. Sometimes, though, those results are unhelpful, unoriginal, and low-quality, leaving users scrambling to find an answer. The good news is that’s all going to change, […]

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Google unveils Gemini, which it claims is its largest and most powerful AI model 

Google has unveiled Gemini, which it claims is its largest and most powerful AI model to date. Gemini’s capabilities surpass that of ChatGPT and other competing AI models, according to Google. Gemini is a multimodal AI that is able to incorporate information from different sources. This capability means that it can “generalize and seamlessly understand, operate across and combine […]

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25 years of Google Doodles: Here are our favorite 25

Games, interactive designs, animations, there are so many cool Doodles to discover! Rita El Khoury / Android Authority 25 years ago, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were attending the Burning Man festival and decided to add a whimsical stick figure to the second “O” in the Google logo to indicate their out-of-office status […]

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