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LinkedIn is adding games to the platform. Here are some reasons

According to a new TechCrunch report, LinkedIn is gearing up to venture into seemingly unfamiliar territory by introducing gaming features to its platform. The social networking platform has already established itself as the go-to platform for business networking (although Elon Musk wants to challenge that with X), but Microsoft has always kept its gaming expertise off the site. The […]

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Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide

Despite Trump’s defeat in November by Democrat Joe Biden, he remains influential in the Republican Party. Donald Trump plans to return to social media soon, using “his own platform” after being banned from Twitter and other outlets, a former advisor said Sunday. “I do think that we’re going to see president Trump returning to social […]

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Facebook is working on an Instagram for kids

Instagram for kids? What could possibly go wrong?! A report from BuzzFeed says that parent company Facebook is working on a new version of Instagram for child and tween users. Currently, Instagram users have to be 13 or older.  Vishal Shah, Instagram’s vice president of product, reportedly announced the initiative in a Facebook post for employees Thursday. […]

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Snapchat's new feature takes Bitmoji to the next level

Snapchat’s latest Bitmoji update is about much more than dancing animations. Snapchat is updating its Bitmoji-enabled “World Lenses,” the feature that lets you overlay your Bitmoji characters onto your surroundings, to make the animations look more realistic. Bitmoji, Snapchat users’ emoji-like alter-egos, have appeared in Snapchat’s “World Lenses” since the feature launched last year, but […]

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