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Is cryptocurrency still a good investment?

The sharpest opinions on the debate from around the web It seems the market has been hit with a bit of a cryptocurrency crisis. Crypto exchange FTX recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a towering fall from grace for a company once valued at $32 billion. The assets of thousands of customers were wiped out in […]

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10 Technology Myths You Must Stop Believing Immediately

From the dawn of known history, humans have been generating myths. Myths have a propensity to emerge and fill in knowledge gaps if there are any concerning a certain subject. This has long been the case for the natural world, but more lately, misconceptions have developed regarding human interactions with technology. So much of our […]

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Can I Stream Live Sports on My Android Device?

One of the perks of owning an Android device is being able to stream live sports in just about any location. Thanks to the latest mobile technology and new service offerings from television networks, sports leagues and streaming companies, fans now have unparalleled access to their favorite teams and championship events all over the world. Isn’t it […]

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What is Intel® RealSense™?

What is Intel® RealSense™? Intel® RealSense™ is the next evolution in user interface design. While touch-screen devices allow you to interact with hand gestures, they are fundamentally the same as traditional desktop keyboards and mice in many ways. The touch screen is dependent on touch, just as the mouse is – the only difference is […]

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Technologies with electoral application: How to identify, Prevent Underage and Rigging in an Electoral System

An election is a complex, multi-faceted event happening on a given date and subject to precise laws and regulations. The entire process is organised by an electoral management body (EMB). Each country structures and names EMBs in a variety of ways, but their responsibilities are similar. To fulfil their roles and mandates, an EMB needs […]

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Top Tech Essentials For Students

We’re here to walk you through the top tech essentials for students!   Laptops First and foremost, quite possibly the most important- a laptop! Having a budget and limited room in halls, this will be your go-to device for everything, whether it’s ordering cheap take-out, doing research, writing up essays, gaming or watching films. We […]

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