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5 Reasons Why Your Computer Keeps Restarting

Windows Restarting

When the computer suddenly keeps shutting off, it means there is something wrong with it. There are a number of issues both hardware and software related that lead to the problem.

These are a couple possible reasons why this is happening…

  1. Overheating. An overheating CPU or motherboard can cause system failure. Make sure there is no dust blocking system ports or fans. You may want to buy a can of compressed air to blow out the ports. Yes, I recommend you buy air. Crazy, right?
  2. Unstable OS. Windows Insider builds are known for their bugginess, instability, and general unreliability. Just withdraw from the program.
  3. Under-wattage. If your power supply can’t provide the wattage your system needs, or is unreliable, your PC may be subjected to constant crashes. Buy a new PSU if this is the problem.
  4. Viruses and other malicious software. A virus can slow your system to a crawl, or even render it unusable. If you get the Blue Screen of Death a lot, then invest in a good anti-virus program, such as AVG, Norton, or McAfee.
  5. Something is taking up all the CPU usage. Open Task Manage (ctr + alt + esc.). Click “more details”. If something is taking up more than 50% of the CPU usage, end that proccess and uninstall that software (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program)

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