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Android 12 makes it easier for you to see how long you’ve wasted on a voice call

The Android 12 beta program is currently ongoing for Google’s Pixel phones and devices from other manufacturers. Samsung isn’t expected to provide a taste of Android 12 to its customers until the second half of this year, and we’re also in the dark about what new features the next major One UI update (version 4.0, which will accompany Android 12) will bring to eligible Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Naturally, Android 12 itself will bring plenty of new features and improvements to the core OS, and one of the simpler new additions may include the ability to see the duration of an ongoing voice call in the status bar. Right now, once you send the call screen to the background, you can either drag down the notification shade to see how long the call has been running or go back to the dialer app.

Android 12 will change that so you can just glance at the top of the screen to find out an ongoing call’s duration. Presumably, this functionality will be usable by all apps that can make calls, such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger, in addition to the device’s dialer app. If that is the case, it should come to Galaxy phones and tablets as well.

Sadly, we won’t be able to find out for some time, as it will be a few months before Samsung rolls out an Android 12 and One UI 4.0 beta program for its devices. The Android 11-based One UI 3.0 beta was first announced in August last year, and we can expect a similar timeline for the One UI 4.0 beta. As for Galaxy devices eligible for the Android 12 update, it’s a pretty long list that you can check out here.

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