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ASUS Vivobook X407MA Review

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ASUS Vivobook X470

A perfect combination of beauty and performance, the stylish X407 is powered by a latest Intel® Pentium processor with 8GB RAM. X407 also features a dual-storage design that combines a superfast SSD with a large capacity HDD. It’s the ideal laptop for daily computing and entertainment.

Configuration Vivobook X407MA is a 14′ laptop running Windows 10; powered by the latest generation Intel® Core™ Processors. Its 14” is thinner and lighter. Weighing just 1.35 kg, it’s an amazingly 20.4mm profile. It’s an everyday laptop with the weight and compactness of an ultrabook.

It competes with its Intel® Celeron® N4000 Processor (4M Cache, up to 2.6 GHz), 4GB DDR4 (onboard), 500GB, Intel® HD graphics 620, Windows 10.

You can be sure you’ll enjoy the 4GB DDR3 (onboard), 500GB, Intel HD Graphics, WiFi, BlueTooth – all on Windows 10.

Having got a good idea of what comes in-box when you receive your package, let me show you what I’ve loved and hated for the 6 months of using this laptop.

1. Perfect Screen Size

A laptop screen is one of the features to check upfront. I love Vivobook X407MA’s screen size. It’s though 14”, it’s a perfect fit for people who don’t want their screens too big or too small.

That’s why it’s perfect.

With this size, I didn’t miss my Asus Vivobook FLIP 12TP202N (which was 11.5”). Yet, I didn’t have to spend days before growing with the new screen.

2. The Body/Design is Elegant

As soon as you take out your Vivobook X407MA, people take a peek and ask if they can know the name of the laptop and its maker. Vivobook X407MA can be so eyecatching.

Since you may likely spend more time with your laptop, you’ll need to spend money on a machine that encourages you to keep working all day long. I love working on this laptop.

From the display, a screen with less bezel, the softness of the keyboard, compact of the holding inches, to the case, I love what the engineers commit to mind while working on the design.

3. The Speed Gets Better

Powering on Vivobook X407MA for the first time, I experienced a few lags. I’d thought I’ll have to grow with sluggishness in its operations. After a day or so with updates installed, the response was outstanding.

Windows 10 is meant to help the speed and it’s doing as well. I can work now without remembering the first experience day. The speed is cool.

4. Battery is Perfect

One of the areas most small-sized laptops are making headlines is the backup. Vivobook X407MA has supported me up to 5 hours or more of use on a daily basis. And with lower brightness, I can be active for more hours.

That’s not all. It takes me around 33 minutes of charging to get 50% juice to start the day. When the company advertised it as “A safe fast-charging and longer-lasting battery”, it’s not just marketing. With ASUS fast-charge technology, a low battery can be charged to 60 percent in just 49 minutes.

5. Speakers Give the Best

I’ve used several laptops at this price, one of the manufacturers’ excuses to beat price down is cutting corners in areas such as the speakers, resolution, etc. Asus has been generous with the speakers.

The speaker is blended around the system unit facing up. With this, the sound can still be enjoyed in a noisy environment like in class or open place.

Thumb up for this Asus!

Asus Vivobook X407MA Disappointment

Depending on what is more important to you in a laptop, some of the following may be deal-breakers.

1. No Optical Drive

At the price and size, Asus may justify why Vivobook X407MA doesn’t come with CD/DVD drive. If this part is more important to you, you may consider anything else.

However, if you use your optical drive for only data transfer, Vivobook X407MA has been compensated with a memory card slot.

2. Two USB Ports” is Stingy

Using my laptops for office work and to help customers, I think I’m not impressed with Asus incluiding just two USB ports – one to the right and the other to the left.

At least having up to three seems to be the industry standard nowadays. My HP Stream 14 and 11 are still proud of three USB ports.

3. Camera Can be Better

I’d never recommended any of the midrange laptops’ cameras for serious online video calls. The camera of Vivobook X407MA can still be improved.

If you still depend on your phone for video calls, this can be considered unimportant.


I love talking about my techs from a user’s point of view rather than from a Techy’s. If you need a laptop that does almost everything right without breaking the bank, Vivobook X407MA will serve you.

Bearing in mind that, you’re limited to two USB ports, no CD/DVD drive and average camera, you’re still paying for an elegant and serving machine.

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