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ChatGPT for Android is going live next week as Google Play Store listing appears

The standalone ChatGPT app debuted on iOS in May and is coming to Android next week.

What you need to know

  • Android owners can start installing ChatGPT on their devices beginning next week.
  • With over half a million installs on iOS, the ability to get installed on Android will likely boost the number.
  • The primary features during rollout include Instant answers, Tailored advice, Creative Inspiration, and more.

After debuting to iOS in May, the standalone ChatGPT app is all set to land on Android devices next week, OpenAI announced. During the launch of the iOS app, ChatGPT stated, “P.S. Android users, you’re next! ChatGPT will be coming to your devices soon.”

And as promised, in a recent tweet, OpenAI has announced ChatGPT is rolling out to Android users next week and is currently available on Google Play Store for pre-registration. Although the app is free, pre-registered users can have their ChatGPT app automatically installed as soon as it goes live on the app store. So, in the case of the U.S. market, it is likely to go live next week same as the iOS app.

ChatGPT’s Google Play Store listing hints that the app is coming soon in some regions like India despite being available for pre-register. The other countries are also to get the app as early as possible.

The app description on the Play Store indicates besides being free, it syncs your history across devices and receives the newest model improvements made by OpenAI. The primary features when ChatGPT rolls out for Android devices include Instant answers, Tailored advice, Creative Inspiration, Professional input, and Learning opportunities.

According to TechCrunch, half a million iPhone users have installed the standalone ChatGPT within a week of its launch. We expect the same, if not more, installs happening with the launch through Google Play Store. Until now, Android users could use ChatGPT through a browser or Microsoft’s Bing app (which is based on ChatGPT-4). Yet, having a standalone app would be beneficial for users.

In other news, with the increase in AI technologies across tech giants, OpenAI has announced that it is coordinating with the White House to have effective AI governance in the U.S. and worldwide. OpenAI, alongside Google, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, Inflection, and Microsoft, committed to following “responsible practices in the development of artificial intelligence” and met the Biden-Harris Administration at the White House on July 21.

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