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Corel changes name to Alludo, but product names will remain the same

Taking a page from Google/Alphabet and Facebook/Meta, Corel—the Canada-based maker of creative software like PaintShop Pro, VideoStudio, WinZip, MindManager, and Parallels Desktop since 1985—is rebranding as Alludo.

The company spins the change as better reflecting its mission to empower knowledge workers with graphics, virtualization, and productivity solutions. According to the company, “the name Alludo (pronounced ‘ah-LOO-dough’) represents a cohesive identity and is a nod to the company’s purpose: to empower ‘all you do.'”

Don’t fret about losing the brand names you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Alludo is the new umbrella brand name for the corporation, while the products will retain their existing branding; Corel PaintShop Pro will remain the image-editing product’s name, for example. The same holds for Parallels, CorelDraw, MindManager, WinZip, and WordPerfect Office sub-brands.

“We believe in working better and living better, and we want our solutions to deliver just that, boldly and intentionally,” Alludo CEO Christa Quarles. “That’s why we’ve decided it’s time for a new brand. We’re delighted to share this news with you today, by welcoming you to Alludo.”

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