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Download Videos From Facebook Instagram and Twitter on Android

The internet loves to tell you how it never forgets anything. But at the same time, there’s no guarantee that your favorite viral comedy skit video will be on that Instagram or Twitter page the next day. Sometimes it’s a good idea to download your favorite videos from social networks, either for keepsakes or for sharing them with your friends who aren’t on Twitter or Instagram.
1. Video Downloader for Instagram
InShot’s Video Downloader for Instagram is a versatile app. Yes, you can download Instagram videos using the app but it can do a lot more. Along with downloading images, you get a handy way to repost them, copy tags, and share downloaded media to any app.
Usually, all it takes is one or two taps and before you know it, the video is already downloaded to your local storage.
Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to Instagram.
Step 2: Find the video you want to download and tap on the three-dot menu button in the top-right.
Step 3: From the popup, select Copy Share URL.
Step 4: As soon as you do that, you’ll see that Video Downloader’s icon shows up at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.
Step 5: You’ll be taken to the Video Downloader app, and you’ll see that the download has already begun. Once the download is complete, you’ll get a “Video saved” banner in the bottom of the screen.
If you don’t see the app’s icon at the bottom after copying the URL, just open the Video Downloader app and it will automatically paste the URL from your clipboard and start the download process.
Once the Instagram video is downloaded, go to the History tab. If you want to repost the video to your profile, tap on Repost. Tap on the menu, and you’ll be able to copy the posts’ URL, tags or edit the video.
From the menu, select Share to bring up Android’s share menu.
From here, select where you want to share the video.
And then you’re done!
Download: Video Downloader for Instagram 
2. MyVideoDownloader for Facebook
When it comes to downloading videos from Facebook, the process is a bit different. There’s no easy way to download videos right from the Facebook app, so you’ll need to download MyVideoDownloader, sign in with your Facebook account, browse your feed inside the app, and find the video you want to download.
Step 1: Open MyVideoDownloader for Facebook and sign in using your credentials.
Step 2: The app will show your Facebook feed. This is the mobile web view. Either browse for videos in your feed or go to a page to find a video that you want to download.
Step 3: Find the video in question and just tap on it. This will bring up a menu. From here, tap on Download.
Step 4: The app will start the download process in the background. You’ll be able to monitor the progress from the sticky notification and the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
Once the video is downloaded, tap on the hamburger menu and select Downloads to view all your downloaded videos. Tap on the dropdown next to a video to share or delete a video.
And that’s all there is to it.
Download: MyVideoDownloader for Facebook
3. Video Downloader for Twitter
This app lets you download both videos and GIFs from the Twitter app. All you have to do is share the media to the downloader app, select the quality of the video, and you’re done.
Step 1: Open the Twitter app and find a video or GIF you want to download.
Step 2: Open the media so that it takes up the entire screen.
Step 3: From the bottom of the screen, tap on the Share button.
Step 4: From Android’s share menu, select Video downloader for Twitter.
Step 5: From the app’s popup, select the video format and the video quality that you want. Tap on Download to start the downloading process.
To find downloaded videos, open the app and tap on the Videos icon from the bottom of the screen. Select a video, and you’ll see the options to play and share the video.
Now you can quickly download videos from Twitter.
Download: Video Downloader for Twitter
Share Videos Directly From Local Storage
Once the videos are downloaded to your phone, you can either share the videos right from the downloader apps, or from the import option in the chat apps. To share a video from the downloader app, tap on the Share button, select the app, then the contact, and tap on Send.
Alternatively, open an app like WhatsApp and tap on the Gallery icon. The video you just downloaded will be right there in the recent media list. Tap on the video and it will be shared in the conversation.
Alternatively, use the bundled file manager on your Android phone to look for the videos. If the app has a section for Videos, you’ll find them on the top of the list. You can also browse the entire directory and look for videos in the folder for the corresponding apps. For me, the videos from Instagram were in a folder called InstaSave.
Do you download your favorite viral videos from social networks? Do you use a separate app to organize them? Share with us in the comments below.

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