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Global Tech institute partners Ritelink Technologies Limited

In order to introduce students to the newest computer technologies, the New Vision Institute of Technology (NVIT), a global training institute for technology and innovation in Oturkpo, Benue state has named Ritelink Technologies Limited a national vendor of technology-related products, office solutions, software, and home devices as it preferred technology vendors. Through this collaboration, students will get firsthand knowledge of today’s most cutting-edge computing technologies are employed today.

Mr. Idoko Enenche, CEO of Ritelink, responded to the revelation by saying, “We set our standards high at Ritelink. We pledge to become experts in the provision of Hi-tech equipment and software to our customers. We combine our expertise partnerships with international manufacturers with our strong commitment to technical service to deliver on our customers’ needs. We take great pleasure in the people we serve and being aware of the gravity of our duty. This partnership with the New Vision Institute of Technology is encouraging because it demonstrates that our clients see us as more than simply a transactional partner.

Ritelink Technologies, one of the biggest tech vendors in Nigeria, is on track to surpass forecasts for both staff expansion and sales growth. Additionally, the business recently commemorated ten years of cooperation with other partners across the nation.

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