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How To Check The Battery Health Of Your Android Phone

Are you experiencing battery health issues? Here’s what to do!

Battery health is important for any device, especially if the battery cannot be removed. Knowing the battery’s condition can help you take the necessary precautions to prevent it from deteriorating even further. 

The information below will show you how to check your Android phone’s battery health using an app all Samsung phones come with, a dial code, and a battery health app. The to-the-point tips will help you see what condition the battery is in so you can spend the rest of your day on more fun stuff.

How to check the battery health of your Android phone

The following method will show you the battery activity on your Android phone and let you know which apps are using too much of it. You can get the info by

2. Tap Battery usage, and you’ll see the apps that have been using the most battery power since the last full charge.

The option doesn’t tell you directly if the battery health is good or not, but it does give you helpful information on how much power your phone has, and you can see if your phone lasts as long as it did before but with data to back it up. 

Battery usage settings for an Android phone
(Image credit: Judy Sanhz / Android Central)

How to look at the battery health for Samsung Galaxy phones

All Samsung Galaxy phones come with an app that allows you to check your phone’s battery health. The Members app will enable you to diagnose and optimize your phone. You can also share reviews and tips with other Galaxy users. To open the app, swipe up from the bottom of your display and type “Members” in the search bar. Once the app is open:

Be an expert in 5 minutes

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1. Tap the Diagnostics option.

2. Choose the Phone diagnostics choice.

3. Swipe down and tap the Battery status option. On the next page, you should see what condition the battery 

Steps to check battery health on Samsung Members app
(Image credit: Judy Sanhz / Android Central)

If your phone’s battery is good, that’s excellent news. You can use other battery-related options, such as battery optimization, but if you would rather keep apps running, you can always turn them off. If the battery health is weak, you can try taking it for service since Samsung has partnered with repair shops like uBreakiFix for phone repairs and part replacements. You might want to consider getting yourself a new phone, maybe the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Any excuse is good when it comes to an upgrade.

How to check battery health using a dial code

There is a dial code trick you can try, but it doesn’t work on all Android phones.

1. Open the dial-pad and enter *#*#4636#*#*

2. Without having to do anything else, you should see a menu with options such as Phone information, Usage statistics, and Wi-Fi information.

3. Look for the Battery information option, but if you don’t see it, don’t worry. The following section will show you how to get battery health information regardless of your Android phone.

Some phones don’t have the battery option. But entering the code does nothing on Samsung models, while other models at least show a menu. Some phones support it, and others don’t. 

How to get battery health info with third-party apps

You can use free third-party apps to get the battery health information you need. One popular app is AccuBattery. However, you might not like that it won’t give you a health report right away, since it needs time to gather information. 

If you’re like me and you want the information now, you can try apps such as Ampere or DevCheck Device System Info. These apps will tell you how healthy your phone’s battery is within a few seconds of installing them. When I swiped left, I could choose from different information layouts on my phone.

Ampere battery app readings
(Image credit: Judy Sanhz / Android Central)

How to know if your Android battery is damaged?

A phone battery that is not in good condition shows it’s struggling. But how do you know when your phone’s battery has gone bad? One of the various signs is that your phone won’t charge to 100% and drains very quickly when it reaches a full charge. If the battery looks swollen, that is a clear sign that your phone needs a new battery. Does your Android phone take longer than usual to charge?  

Battery health is not the same as battery life since battery health is how well the battery performs, like holding a charge. Battery life is how much power you have until you need to charge your phone again. But before assuming it’s the battery, you can try using a new charging cable and block to avoid that possibility.

Keep your Android phone’s battery healthy

Besides knowing how healthy your Android phone’s battery is, it’s also important to understand how to take care of your battery. By knowing what not to do, you can keep your phone in good shape. All Android users should also know various tips for extending the life of their phone’s battery. That way, you don’t have to waste time taking it for service or get a new phone.

Here are just some tips to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of your phone’s battery:

  • Charge your phone when it needs a charge and remove it from the charger when it’s finished. Don’t be afraid to use a wireless charger.
  • Use quick charging sparingly if you’re concerned about its effect on battery lifespan. There is little immediate damage or danger from using the right charging method for your phone.
  • Try to manually shut your phone off if the charge ever drops below 10% and leave it off while charging it for a few minutes.
  • Never store a phone with a dead battery and check on a stored phone periodically.
  • Don’t buy cheap chargers or cables from the gas station or that dude at the flea market. Use the type of charger the people who made your phone recommend.

Whether you have a new Samsung phone or an older LG phone, the tips for keeping your phone healthy apply. But now, with the free battery apps on Google Play, you can monitor your battery health.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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