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How to quickly boost your immune system amidst coronavirus

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK continues to rise, a nutritional expert has shared their top tips for boosting your immune system amid the outbreak

Around 590 people have tested positive for coronavirus so far in the UK, and a doctor recently warned that we should all expect to see Covid-19 reach us or someone we know in the coming weeks.

As well as doing all of this, there are also several simple things you can be doing at home to help boost your immune system.

Nutritional therapist Hannah Braye, who works for Bio-Kult, explain on ways to support the body’s natural immunity.

And the first thing you make sure to get enough sleep at night.

“To help the body rest and recover allowing optimal function of the immune system the following day, it’s advisable to get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

“Turning off electrical products at least an hour before, perhaps reading a book, doing a meditation, considering something you are grateful for that happened today or taking a bath could all put you in a relaxing state to enjoy a restorative night’s sleep and help you to wake feeling full of energy!”as well trying probiotic suppplement

“Up to 70 percent of our immune cells are located in the gut and our gut bacteria play an essential role in supporting a strong immune system.

“Taken over time, multi-strain probiotics (live bacterial supplements) have been shown to significantly shortened common colds and reduce the severity of symptoms. Bio-Kult Boosted is a unique probiotic with 14 different strains of beneficial bacteria.”

“As each different probiotic strain has a slightly different beneficial effect within the body a multi-strain is believed to have more positive benefits overall and therefore be able to help support the immune system in diverse ways.”

And her final piece of advice is to think about what you’re eating, as some foods are more helpful for you than others.

“Enjoy nourishing soups and stews with homemade bone stock said to be great to support a healthy gut lining where most of our immune system and bacteria lie and a rainbow of colourful seasonal, organic local vegetables offering a wide range of nutrients that will work synergistically together to ensure your immune system is able to work at its best to fight off that winter bug.

“Include garlic in your cooking, used for centuries as a natural antimicrobial to fight infections. Cook lightly to retain the active ingredient allicin or add towards the end of cooking.”

As well as this, she recommends incorporating artichoke, raspberries, yoghurt, avocado, oysters, legumes, mushrooms and sage into your diet to help boost your immune system.

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