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How to Use Skype

What is Skype and how do you use it?

Skype is an Internet communication service where users can call mobile phones from their computer, send instant messages or video chat with other users at the click of a button. Many of the services are free, and with an affordable monthly subscription to Skype Premium users can take advantage of a number of additional services.

What is Skype Premium?

Skype Premium is the top-tier offering from Skype, and includes unlimited calls to a country of your choice, group video chats and live customer service support; all for just $4.99 per month.

How does Skype Group Video Call work?

Group Video Call by Skype allows groups of three to 10 people to connect in real-time. Mobile phone users can also join a Group Video Call, however, only users with a webcam and broadband Internet connection will be able to view the video stream.

What do I need to use Skype?

To use Skype, all you need is a computer or mobile phone with a broadband Internet connection. Simply download and install the application on your device, and create a free account on the website to start communicating with other Skype users around the world.

Can I call anyone in the world with Skype?

Yes, you can call anyone in the world using Skype. Users are able to call other Skype users free of charge, however, if you want to call a mobile phone or landline in another country, small fees (pennies per minute) apply.

Can I share my screen using Skype?

Yes, you can share your screen using Skype. Simply download and install the application and create an account on You can then share your screen with another user, even with the free service offering.

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