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HP EliteBook 850 G6

While some manufacturers are introducing big redesigns on their premium business notebook series, HP is only doing a minor refresh. What does that include? Well, they have included the Whiskey Lake CPU line-up from last year over the Kaby Lake R, which honestly is the slightest of updates. However, the device can now be paired with an AMD Radeon RX 550 and is fitted with up to a 4K IPS display for those, who really need the extra sharpness.

Other than that, the design is ultimately unchanged. This, on the other side, is not entirely a bad thing, as the aluminum body was very rigid on the last-year model. Of course, as a high-level business notebook, the EliteBook 850 G6 features an optional IR face recognition system, as well as a fingerprint reader and lots of security features. Moreover, the specialized dock connector is still in line, which makes the device perfect for work, as you can keep everything you use in your office connected to the dock, and just plug in the dedicated connector, as soon as you arrive there.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

This laptop is designed with an aluminum body. This laptop is light and compact which is designed for professionals. This laptop feels sleek and premium. This laptop is very solid and stable. On the top of the laptop, we got HP branding with a metallic finish. On both sides of the laptop, we have got a lot of options for ports. The keyboard has got the regular layout and the size of the touchpad is quite large. And just above the keyboard, we have got dual stereo speakers.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

Here, we have a regular style layout of the keyboard. The space between the keys and also the key travel is pretty decent. This is a very solid keyboard and the keys also give tactile feedback as well. There is almost no flex on the keyboard you might experience some flex if you press really hard on the center of the keyboard. There are also some extra features with this laptop includes are spill resistance and drainage. This laptop also has the feature for backlit which is very useful and convenient for those who works in low lighting conditions.

This touchpad has a glass surface which improves the gliding experience. However, it just not improve the gliding experience but also its accuracy and fast. We also get a fingerprint sensor on the bottom right of the keyboard which is very necessary for someone who is concerned about their privacy.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

Here, we have a big display of 15.6-inches with a Full HD IPS screen. This screen has the aspect ratio of 16:9 with the pixel density of 142 PPI. The viewing angles of this display are really nice. The screen maxes out at 261 nits which is not that great.

Just like the 840 G6 the side bezel are very thin and the top and bottom bezels are not as thin as the side-bezels. And everything else is similar to 840 G6 on the top and bottom bezels.

Here the screen produces 52% sRGB which is really and this is going to be the biggest disadvantge of 850 G6.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

This device has also got Bang & Olufsen dual-stereo speakers with three multi-array microphones. These speakers are also located just above the keyboard and because these speakers are located the audio quality these speakers produced is really good but just like the 840 G6’s speakers these speakers also lacks bass which is not great as these is an upgraded version of the 840 G6. But if you are someone who just don’t care about bass than this laptop is most suitable to you.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

Here, on this unit we have got Intel core i5-8265U processor with Intel’s UHD Graphics 620. It has got 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 512 GB SSD for storage. This processor is not very good for someone who has to do a lot of heavy task. But this laptop is for someone who has to basic task with some heavy task as well. We didn’t get the high-end processor varient on this device.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

This laptop has got 56-WHr battery and it can last almost for half day which is really good for a laptop. Here also we get to see a 65-watt output adapter which is really good and convenient for someone who is having a very busy schedule.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

This laptop has also several like two USB 3.1 Gen 1 (charging) port, a USB Type-C connector port, a RJ-45 ethernet port, a headphone/microphone jack, a HDMI port, a docking connector, and one power point. And it also comes with a portable USB 3.0 data Hub which gives you option to use some more ports at the same time.


HP EliteBook 850 G6:

This laptop weights 3.94 pounds/ 1.79 kg which is similar to the weight of 840 G6. The dimension of this laptop are 9.9 x 14.6 x 0.7-inches.

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