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HP Notebook 14 Review: Great Specs and Portable

Hp 14

The HP Notebook 14 is a beautiful laptop that has a solid overall performance. Moreover, its nice features like a comfortable keyboard and 1080p display make it even better. Furthermore, it features the 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor which boosts its ability to multi-task. However, its short battery life is a little bit of a downer.


  1. 1080p display
  2. Solid performance
  3. Good keyboard

  1. CONS
  2. Slightly stiff touchpad
  3. Short battery life
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Furthermore, be rest assured you will get a comprehensive evaluation of the laptop’s performance. You get to read a full analysis of the laptop’s CPU, RAM, and storage options.

Its battery life and GPU performance have also been reviewed. Moreover, this review will most definitely answer all your questions.

Purchasing the HP Notebook 14 is a good deal when you consider the specs for the price.

The HP Notebook 14 is a lightweight laptop with good qualities. On direct comparisons with many laptops of its range, it matches up to a reasonable level.

However, the HP Notebook 14 is not significantly different in terms of design from HP’s line of the 14 series laptop. It is also definitely not the flashiest laptop.

HP Notebook 14 Design, Dimension & Weight Review

This laptop’s appearance doesn’t exactly crave attention. You could walk past it in a tech store without really noticing it.

However, the moment it gets your attention, it’s almost impossible to stop admiring it. Hp sacrificed a colorful and attention-seeking appearance for a simple and premium look.

Consequently, without having a definitive trait, the HP Notebook 14 looks like a regular machine. It would be almost indistinguishable if not for the shiny HP logo on its lid.

The HP Notebook 14 has a shiny silver plastic covering. However, its interior is more personalized, with a black aluminum deck held to the screen with a silver hinge.

Also, you have a well-spaced clicky backlit-keyboard with a speaker vent just above it. Aside from the fact that the touchpad’s buttons can be slightly stiff, it is responsive enough.

The HP Notebook 14 weighs 1460 g and measures 324 X 225 X 17.9 mm. Also, its ports includes 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and 1 x HDMI 1.4b.

Finally, this HP Notebook 14 design review scores it n eight because of its elegant design.

HP Notebook 14 Processor (CPU) Performance Review

Fortified with a Dual-Core Intel i3-1005G1, the HP Notebook 14 CPU has a base frequency of 1.2 GHz and can increase to 3.4 GHz. It is a 10th generation which was built with improved technology.

However, HP Notebook 14 may not be the fastest, but it is fast enough to meet your expectations. It handles operations with an impressive speed.

Moreover, it takes a few seconds to start running a new program even when there are already running ones. To top it all, it takes just about 13 seconds to boot up the machine.

Furthermore, it is capable of streaming 4k resolution videos on YouTube with a good speed. However, its performance efficiency tends to drop a little.

However, it operates using a Windows 10 Home in S mode that can be a bit unappealing to use for many. Nonetheless, you can easily switch out of it in settings to get it into Windows 10 Home version.

Finally, HP Notebook 14 allows you to do a lot at the same time. It does well with streaming videos, browsing, and other daily tasks.

In my HP Notebook 14 CPU review, it scores an eight for its ability to handle operations with enough speed.

HP Notebook 14 Memory (RAM) Performance Review

The HP Notebook 14 features 4 GB DDR4-2666 RAM. The laptop supports a maximum RAM of 16 GB.

Furthermore, the HP Notebook 14 memory is enough to multitask between over 24 Google Chrome tabs and three 1080p YouTube videos. It only encounters slight hiccups when it tried loading some images.

The HP Notebook 14 allows you to do quite a number of things at the same time without significant distortions. For instance, it ran a Word processor, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint at the same time without a substantial drop in performance.

Moreover, it ran all of these applications without crashing any of them.

The HP Notebook 14 scores an 8 in this review because of its good RAM performance of about 4 GT/s (Gigatransfer per second).

HP Notebook 14 Storage Options & Performance Review

This is one of the most excellent features of the HP Notebook 14. It comes with a 128 GB M.2 Solid-state drive as a storage option.

The storage feature is particularly one of the best aspects of the HP Notebook 14 because of the SSD it uses. They are so much faster than regular HDDs.

Moreover, the fast boot time of the HP Notebook is also a result of the preloading of the laptop’s operating system on its SSD. To top it all, this SSD is not noisy because of the absence of moving parts in its structure.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about drive crashes in the HP Notebook 14. Unlike the HDDs used in other computers, this laptop’s SSD is resistant to heavy drop shocks and therefore doesn’t crash.

Therefore, in the event of an accident, you won’t lose your data. Also, the speed of the HP Notebook 14’s SSD improves its file processing performance considerably.

Overall, because of its SSD, the HP Notebook 14 storage option and performance is excellent. Therefore, it scores a 9 in this storage option and performance review.

HP equipped Notebook 14 with integrated Intel UHD Graphics. The graphic card has a GPU frequency of 900 MHz.

This laptop is not so great at gaming because it doesn’t come with dedicated graphics.

Based on available data, the HP Notebook 14 scored 40,250 on a graphics benchmark test (the higher the score, the better). This score might not be excellent compared to other laptops, but it surpasses the average budget laptop score of 34,667.

Furthermore, in other direct tests, it ran NFS Most Wanted with approximately 60-75 FPS. This frame rate was manageable to play the game.

However, the HP Notebook 14 doesn’t do so well with graphics-intensive games like Tomb Raider or Far Cry. For instance, it ran Tomb Raider with about 30-35 frame rates.

It scored a 7 for graphics features and performance. Its inability to run highly intensive games adequately is the primary reason for this score.

HP Notebook 14 Battery Life & Performance Review

The HP Notebook 14 comes with a 3-cell 41 Whr Li-ion battery. This battery offers up to 6 hours of battery life.

As a result, battery life is not a very impressive feature of the HP Notebook 14. Moreover, on intensive use, you will manage to get about 4 hours of battery life.

However, the HP Notebook 14 can last you for up to 6 hours with the screen brightness in mid-level and speakers below average (minimal usage).

On the other hand, its small battery size makes the HP Notebook 14 as light as it is. Although its battery life is not so great, it is what you should expect from a laptop of its price.

In conclusion, the HP Notebook 14 scores a 6 for its short battery life.

HP Notebook 14 Review: Final Thoughts

The HP Notebook 14 is an inexpensive laptop that offers enough power. It is a laptop I will recommend for students and office workers.

However, I don’t recommend it for gaming because it is not a gaming laptop. Nonetheless, its features like the backlit keyboard, integrated webcam, and fast processing speed make it perfect for other computing tasks.

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