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International Women’s Day: 5 Inspiring Nigerian Women On YouTube You Should Follow

international women’s day

From actresses to entrepreneurs, these women prove that anything is possible in Nigeria and they are worth celebrating on the International Women’s Day .

In a country often stereotyped as being mired in poverty and corruption, it can be easy to forget that Nigeria is home to some of the most accomplished and inspiring women in the world. Across a range of industries, these women are breaking boundaries and overturning expectations, using their talents and voices to make a real difference.

If you need a little inspiration today, take a look at some amazing Nigerian women making waves and #breakingthebias on YouTube.

Dinma Umeh

Dinma Umeh

Dinma Umeh is the go-to person for anyone looking for fashion, make-up and skincare content. She has been blogging since 2011 and has been featured by local and international brands like Essence magazine. She has also been nominated for E! people’s choice awards.

She creates content in practical ways and her consistency over the years has made her stand out as one of the Nigerian female YouTubers to be reckoned with. With more than 300 videos on her channel, she has garnered over 24 million views on her channel, and 400k subscribers.

Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie

Food plays an integral part in our lives from our wellbeing to our social norms and for Sisi Yemmie it’s just the same. She creates vlogs on her personal lifestyle and Nigerian recipes. From her kitchen, Yemmie teaches her audience how to cook various Nigerian dishes.

Born in Warri, Delta state, she describes vlogging as fun and adventurous. She has over 624,000 subscribers.

Tomike Adeoye

Tomike Adeoye

Award-winning media personality and brand influencer, Tomike Adeoye captivates us with her free-willed personality just like she does on TV. Her wedding vlogs will make you want to fall in love. One of the things that make her video content stand out is the fact that she’s not scared to share her personal life with her viewers as she describes them as her “family members.”

From her wedding vlogs to her pregnancy stage and even childbirth, her Youtube channel is one that would leave you inspired as a creative and young lady going through the different everyday hassles of life.


Eniola Korty

Eniola Korty Olanrewaju is one of the youngest female YouTubers in the country. The 22-year-old leaves little room for error when it comes to creating and expresses herself in the most candid way possible.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, she has worked with Empawa Africa as a video content creator and has also done some modeling, graphic artistry, and filmmaking. Her honest and frank storytelling abilities combined with her engaging and beautiful B-roll shots of her hometown have endeared viewers to her channel.

Vivian Okezie

Vivian Okezie

If you’ve always wondered what life in the federal capital territory looks like, then Vivian Okezie is your preferred choice as she takes viewers through the city of Abuja, its restaurants, everyday lifestyle, wedding parties, and whatnot.

She describes her youtube content as inspiring, empowering with the aim of pushing people in the right direction.

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