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Interswitch Becomes Nigeria’s First Company to Pay Spouse Allowance

Interswitch has announced that it will begin paying allowances directly to its employees’ spouses.

The tech company announced this development in a social media post, stating that employees can draw on this allowance quarterly.

Furthermore, the tech payment company stated that other benefits will be included, such as home country mobile status, child education support, spousal support, enhanced maternity benefits, and acting/step-up capacity.

Interswitch’s Plan

Interswitch stated on social media that the development is part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the highest productivity and satisfaction of its most important assets, its employees.

  • It said, “From early on in our journey as a business, it has never been lost on us that the satisfaction enjoyed by our customers and partners directly impacts their loyalty to our offerings and their affinity to our business. This satisfaction results from the value the customer receives from our satisfied, productive and loyal employees – our phenomenal”
  • The company also said it recognizes its employee as the most potent capital for driving customer loyalty through the delivery of services and experiences that not only satisfy its customers and stakeholders but exceed their expectations and delight them.
  • It added, “Based on the workings of the service-profit chain, this would invariably impact our revenues and profit as an enterprise. We are not in doubt as to the reality that when our employees are engaged, productive and highly satisfied, only then does the brand itself stand the chance of succeeding.”

About Interswitch

  • At $1 billion (its last know valuation), Interswitch is one of Africa’s largest electronic payments and infrastructure companies.
  • The fintech powers much of the rails for Nigeria’s online banking system and is well-known for its point-of-sale terminals, online consumer payment platforms, Quickteller, and Verve, the biggest domestic debit card scheme in Africa, issuing over 35 million active cards since launch.
  • The digital payments company recently secured a $110 million in joint investment from LeapFrog Investments and Tana Africa Capital to scale its digital payment services across Africa.

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