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iPhone 13 Latest upgrades

Apple answers fans’ prayers with the latest iPhone 13 upgrade

iPhone 13

Ever since the dawn of the first iPhone users have always had one major issue, and that is battery life. No matter what you try, getting more than a day’s use out of any iPhone is almost an impossible challenge, and software updates will make that all but a distant dream for older models. But a new leak has suggested that some fancy new battery tech could result in better battery life for the iPhone 13

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a history of being right about such things, has said that Apple will be turning to some new battery technology known as soft board batteries for next year’s iPhones. 

Battery tech is dry at the best of times, so the short version is that compared to the current batteries, soft board batteries can have the same capacity at a much smaller physical size, so Apple could pack in more battery power in the same space. Or it could go for a smaller form factor for the phone, but that would be significantly less useful.

This isn’t just some wild speculation from Kuo either, as he has uncovered that battery manufacturer Jialianyi is in line to receive 40-50% of the orders for soft board batteries when it comes to the iPhone 13. The information, which is part of an investment note found by 9to5mac, suggests that some of the battery suppliers that were used for the iPhone 12 will be dropped in favour of companies that can produce these soft board batteries. 

Other rumours have suggested that the iPhone 13 will also feature an LPTO display, which requires significantly less battery power to operate. Combined with the potential for more battery life, this would suggest that the iPhone 13 could have the best battery life we have ever seen from Apple’s flagship devices, although that does somewhat rely on the company deciding to go for extra utility over a smaller design. 

Of course, the iPhone 12 range has only just launched so it will be quite a while before we get to find out if these leaks are true. But if you are currently debating an upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro and battery life is a major concern for you, then it might be a wise choice to wait for 10 months or so until we get to see the iPhone 13 in action, as it might just fix those issues. 


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