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Microsoft Edge update adds powerful hacking protection

Microsoft Edge version 94 arrives with CET support to help keep hackers away

As long as you’re connected to the internet, your devices are vulnerable to threats from outside forces. With that in mind, Microsoft Edge version 94 is set to arrive with Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET). 

CET support will ensure that your Edge browsing experience is safe from hackers who try to use the browser’s code against itself by changing processes or behaviors and creating hard-to-detect attacks. CET intends to block flow-altering operations, keeping your system safe. 

Microsoft stated via Microsoft 365 Roadmap that “Microsoft Edge will begin supporting an even safer browsing mode that uses hardware-dependent control flow for browser processes on supported hardware (Intel 11th Gen. or AMD Zen 3). In addition, you can disable CET by manipulating Image File Execution Options (IFEO) using group policy.”

The new CET support is geared towarrd the newest CPUs from AMD and Intel, as mentioned in the blurb, and for those looking into purchasing a new system powered by either chipset. The new feature is to be released in September 2021. It’s refreshing to know that Microsoft is creating a more secure browsing experience.

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