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Microsoft is finally adding tabs to File Explorer in Windows 11

In the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft offers a set of improvements and fixes to test. There are welcomed changes but none of them are groundbreaking. Still, enthusiasts quickly discovered that Microsoft is hiding some truly exciting changes in build 22572.

Windows users have been asking Microsoft to bring tabs to File Explorer for many years with little to no luck. In 2017, Microsoft finally gave in and added a tabbed interface (Windows Sets) to preview versions of Windows 10. Unfortunately, shortly after the initial tests, Microsoft killed Windows Sets, and the operating system spent the next five years without tabs in File Explorer.

It appears that Microsoft decided to dig out the old idea, and Windows 11 is finally getting a tabbed interface in File Explorer. In his Twitter account, Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael) revealed that you can now enable tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 22572.

File Explorer tabs are back! (Windows 11 22572, feature 34370472)— Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael) March 9, 2022

Although Microsoft is yet to announce tabs in File Explorer, the feature already looks quite promising. It works as one may expect, and there is even tab overflow support (File Explorer displays additional buttons for scrolling tabs when you open too many).

Here’s how the overflow looks.— Xeno (@XenoPanther) March 9, 2022

However, it is worth mentioning that enabling hidden features in Windows 11 may cause some software trouble, so unless you have a computer or VM to spare, you better wait for Microsoft to make an official announcement. Meanwhile, you can try third-party file managers, such as the Files app or Groupy, that offer tabs and other advanced features missing in stock File Explorer.

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