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NECO Boss Assassinated

Prof. Godswill Obioma

Unknown gunmen on Monday night stormed the residence of NECO Registrar, Professor Godswill Obioma, strangling him to death.

“The assassins came in and killed him and left without taking anything,” According to his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Obioma who spoke to the press on tuesday morning.

Weeping profusely, Mrs Obioma said her husband had just returned to Minna from a trip to Abuja when the armed men, lurking in his compound, descended on him and strangled him.

Mr Obioma, 67, was appointed head of NECO barely a year ago on May 14, 2020. He hailed from Abia in Nigeria’s Igbo-dominated South-East region. He has been facing attempts to remove him from office as the head of NECO, a prominent examination body run by the Nigerian government.

The police did not react to the incident as at press time.

The incident came barely a day after Ahmed Gulak, a top politician of the ruling APC, was gunned down in Owerri, raising widespread fears of insecurity.

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