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New interface for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch unveiled

Called ‘One UI Watch’, the interface will feature in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch set for launch later this year

Samsung at Mobile World Congress 2021 has unveiled its new interface, called One UI Watch, that will feature in its upcoming Galaxy Watch.

One UI Watch was designed to make the Galaxy Watch and smartphone experience “more deeply connected”, the South Korean tech giant said.

The user interface will be part of a new unified smartwatch ecosystem that Samsung has jointly built with Google, the company said.

According to Samsung, thanks to One UI Watch and the new unified ecosystem, watch-compatible apps downloaded on smartphones will also automatically be downloaded onto the watch. Any smartwatches with the new UI will also sync and display the various timezones that are already set onto a user’s smartphone. Blocked calls and messages on the watch will also be blocked on the phone.

Thanks to the unified ecosystem, third-party apps will also be available for download from Google Play directly on the Galaxy Watch, Samsung added.

These apps include Adidas Running, Golfbuddy Smart Caddie, Strava,, Calm, Sleep Cycle, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Maps, among others, the company said.

In addition, Samsung said the new Galaxy Watch will feature an improved watch face design tool that will make it easier for Android developers to create new watch faces.

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The upcoming Galaxy Watch that will have One UI Watch will be announced at an Unpacked event later in the year. While Samsung didn’t specify the exact time of the event, it is expected to be unveiled together with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 sometime in August.

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