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Ritelink CEO Bags Recognition for Tech Support in Schools

Eng. Idoko Enenche, the chief executive officer of Ritelink Technologies Limited, has received an award from GODS FAMILY CHILDREN HOME SCHOOL. He was honored by the school for donating a computer laboratory and as well as his unwavering commitment and unequaled passion for equipping kids with ICT skills.

Accepting the award from the school, the delighted Enenche expressed his gratitude for the effort and reassurance that it would push him to do more.
“I exist to assist young people in creating their futures; otherwise, life would not have any significance for me, he claimed.

” Whatever I do, I don’t do it for recognition; instead, I do it to inspire society to build a greater future technologically. What makes me happy is that. My second driving force is my wish to leave my children with a good name so that they can hold onto my name as a priceless key in the future.

Enenche urged Nigerian technology firms to use their resources to increase Africa’s riches by using technology as a tool to build the future and eradicate poverty in the country. His wife, family, and the Ritelink Technologies team received special thanks in his dedication of the award.

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