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Samsung finally lets you disable the Bixby button

You still can’t re-assign it
Samsung first introduced its new Bixby voice assistant earlier this year on the Galaxy S8 with a dedicated button on the handset. The Galaxy Note 8 also includes the Bixby button, but Samsung has refused to allow owners of both devices to customize the button and change it from the digital assistant to something more useful. The Galaxy S8 maker even went as far as blocking third-party apps from unlocking the button, a move that has frustrated many S8 owners.
Samsung is backing down slightly today, thanks to an update that lets Galaxy S8 and Note 8 owners stop the Bixby button from launching Bixby Home. The update doesn’t appear to be available on every device, but Sammobile has noticed it’s slowly rolling out to existing handsets. The option to disable the Bixby button will be a welcome addition for those frustrated by accidentally triggering the assistant. It’s easy to pick up the Galaxy S8 and press the Bixby button by mistake, and some owners have complained about accidentally pressing it when trying to adjust system volume as the Bixby button is located just below the volume down button.

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