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These are new features Microsoft added to Excel in November 2022

Microsoft introduces new features to Excel across various platforms on a regular basis and the company helpfully publishes a list of all the new capabilities it added at the end of the month too. Today, it has recapped recent changes made to Excel in November 2022.

The changelog isn’t very lengthy but there are still features that will likely appeal to some consumers. Excel for the web has a single new capability called Chart Data Foils. Simply stated, it provides a visual indicator of the source range of cells used to create a chart. This range can easily be modified by clicking on a cell range and dragging across it.

Meanwhile, Excel for Windows and Mac have the exact same changelog this time around. The first of two new feature in tow is Show Changes. As the name suggests, it enables you to see the edits made to a workbook and revert to older states. The other capability is Office Scripts to automate repetitive tasks, it is now generally available for all.

Finally, a general update for the Office app on Excel has a more modern look for the contextual command bar and ribbon palette thanks to Fluent Design principles. The menus on the contextual command bar are now faster and resizable too. These improvements are only available to Office Insiders for now.

As usual, if you don’t like the implementation of a particular feature or want something new, do remember to file feedback to Microsoft on the dedicated portal here.

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