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Tunde Bakare slams Buhari over the arrest of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu

Tunde Bakare, the founder of Citadel Global Community Church

Tunde Bakare, the founder and overseer of Citadel Global Community Church (formerly Latter Rain Assembly), has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari, for arresting secessionist leaders, Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu.

In his sermon on Sunday, July 25, 2021, the cleric who was the running mate to Buhari when the President contested the presidential election on the platform of the now-defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in 2011 and lost, said while he doesn’t support violence against the country, Buhari is spending so much energy on Igboho and Kanu, whom he noted were not Nigeria’s problems.

He maintained that the country needs to be restructured and no one can stop it.

“I don’t support any act of violence, taking up arms against the country and killing people. Those are in the realm of criminality and anybody doing that must be brought to book,” Bakare said amid prayers and declarations.

“However, we must realise that what has given rise to the agitation is lack of justice and equity. When there is justice, when there is equity, agitation will die down.

“How can you be expending so much energy on Igboho and Kanu? Igboho and Kanu are not Nigeria’s problems.

“Nigeria must restructure and no one can stop that,” Bakare stated.

Addressing Buhari, Bakare continued: “Have you forgotten that you vowed never to contest again. I said ‘not so’. I showed you how you can win the next election and you agreed to run and you won. I was not considering myself but concerned about how Nigeria can become great.

“Winning an election is a different thing; doing the right thing is another. No one must behave as if Nigeria is personal property. Nigeria must be set free and any obstruction along the way must be removed; it must get out of the way.

“I declare to you ‘Nigeria-for-Nigeria Movement’. I’m prepared to lead this movement. Nigeria is not a one-man property. This movement will liberate Nigeria.”

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