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Vaccine trials on humans to start this week

Professor Sarah Gilbert said that her team hopes to begin clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of this week, and said about 140 vaccines were in development

Trials for a coronavirus vaccine could begin at the end of this week.

Professor Sarah Gilbert said that there were about 140 vaccines in development but not all of them will be successful.

She said: “Unfortunately we are under a lot of pressure now because we need to be testing the vaccine at a time when there is still virus circulating in the community and that means we need to go as quickly as possible.

“We are actually hoping to start testing at the end of this week not next week.”

Elsewhere, a minute’s silence remembering health care workers who have died from coronavirus is to be held.

Almost 100 health and care workers are believed to have died after contracting Covid-19, despite the Department of Health has naming 43 NHS workers as victims.

It comes as the UK coronavirus death toll passed 16,000 on Sunday.

The Department of Health confirmed 596 more fatalities across the country, which has resulted in 16,060 deaths in total.

More than 120,000 Brits have now been infected with the disease.

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