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What to do if you forget your iPhone Apple ID password

If you forgot your Apple ID password, don’t panic. It’s likely we’ve all forgotten a password or two at some point. Losing your Apple ID password for your iPhone, iPad or Mac (here’s what to do if you lost the password to your computer) is a frustration akin to losing the car keys. The password, like your keys, unlocks access to something important: your iCloud account, and in turn all of your Apple devices. The password, like Face ID and Touch ID, is intended to keep your information safe, but entering your password incorrectly a few times will get you locked out. This means you have to contact Apple Support for help.

Apple released iOS 15 in September– after unveiling the new iPhone 13 line at the tech giant’s fall virtual event— and it added a feature to your iPhone that makes getting back into your account as simple as a phone call to a family member or your best friend. The new feature, called Account Recovery, allows you to pick a contact (or multiple contacts) who you trust, who can then give you a special code to unlock your account. It’s pretty cool and a lot easier than the current method. 

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