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WhatsApp Meta AI boosts user experience

Meta AI is now available on WhatsApp in several countries

The owner company of Facebook added the feature to access Meta AI through the search bar on the Android beta version of WhatsApp last month.

The business has now further refined its function and is offering a unique experience in several countries throughout the world.

In the most recent beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, the search bar now displays the Meta AI symbol and reads, “Ask Meta AI or search,” according to WABetaInfo.

People can use the search function to use Meta AI in addition to looking up contacts, messages, and media, as indicated by the slogan and icon. But that’s not all. 

The Meta AI button is now displayed by the app in the upper-right corner of the screen. The app will launch the chatbot dialogue as soon as you click on it.

A display of the Meta Ai on WhatsApp. — WABetaInfo/Sam Mobile/File
A display of the Meta Ai on WhatsApp. — WABetaInfo/Sam Mobile/File

It has been reported that WhatsApp is supposedly introducing the Meta AI button and a revamped search bar to numerous countries, including India. 

Regretfully, no details are available on the app version that is receiving these modifications. 

To take advantage of the new features, users have been told to try updating the app to the most recent version if they are on the beta channel.

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