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WhatsApp Status Now Appears on WhatsApp Web

Earlier this year in February, WhatsApp replaced the good old text status with Snapchat Story-like WhatsApp Status updates and now they’re rolling out the feature for its WhatsApp Web users.
Although WhatsApp Status failed to gain popularity and its criticism led the company to roll-back the old ‘text-based status updates’, the Facebook-owned company is still trying to market its ‘Status’ feature.
Now those of you who use WhatsApp Web can check out the ‘Status’ update of your friends via the ‘circular’ icon beside the New Message icon at the top of the chat list window.
Clicking on the icon will take you to a new screen showcasing all the Status updates by your contacts in a list format, including your own, on a black background.
WhatsApp is unarguably the most popular online messaging service with north of a billion active users and has been enhancing the power of the platform with updates almost every month.
But it seems that the messaging service is still not ready to give up on its feature inspired by Snapchat which allows users to post a story as their status on the messaging app, and like Stories on other platforms, the status update vanishes after 24 hours.
WhatsApp status update can only be seen by your contacts and you can also choose which contacts can view your status update and which ones cannot.
In addition to adding text, doodle, and emoticon, Whatsapp status update has the unique feature of captioning your update and cropping the image before it goes live.
Earlier this month, it was rumoured that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) feature will soon be available in WhatsApp as it has appeared in the latest beta version update of the app. The feature will facilitate instant money transfer for users of the app.

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