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WhatsApp users could face ban if they break these five key rules

Despite its end-to-end encrypted messaging, WhatsApp has surprisingly strict rules that could get you banned if you don’t follow them – here’s what you need to avoid to stay active on the app

As an encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp offers an impressive degree of privacy compared to some conventional messaging apps. However, thousands of users still fall foul of the app’s strict rules every year, landing them with temporary or even permanent bans.

Now, WhatsApp users are being warned about following the rules in order to avoid a ban. Although some of the rules might seem quite obvious, others aren’t, so you have to avoid getting caught out.

Perhaps the easiest way to get removed from the app without realising is by not logging into WhatsApp very often or not messaging people enough.

Your account will be disabled or even deleted if it remains inactive for long enough, and while WhatsApp bosses won’t say how long this is, small print within the app’s terms and conditions shows that they won’t hesitate to ban you.

WhatsApp bosses say: “We [may] disable or delete your account if it does not become active after account registration or if it remains inactive for an extended period of time.”

Another no-no is being reported too much. If WhatsApp receives too many negative reports about your messages or behaviour you could be banned entirely from the app. What’s more, WhatsApp moderators will receive a copy of the reported messages, so be careful what you send.

So, if you have mischievous mates in a group chat, let them know not to report each other or you could all lose out. Alternatively, if you’re posting content worthy of reporting, maybe it’s time to stop.

Fake and spam accounts are becoming a major issue for apps like WhatsApp. Using another person’s photos or name might feel like a holiday from real life, but if you’re caught, your number will be blocked entirely meaning you’ll never be able to access WhatsApp again unless you replace your SIM card.

Similarly, WhatsApp doesn’t take kindly to people using knock-off versions of the app. A number of third-party WhatsApp clones let you use the messaging service along with a few additional unique features. These include names like WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. However, using these with your phone number could get you removed from the service entirely.

Sending bulk messages or spam is a cardinal sin when it comes to staying active on WhatsApp. This is because the app uses smart AI technology to detect suspicious activity. Forwarding the same bad memes to lots of different people could get you picked up by the AI, which might struggle to tell you apart from a spam account or a scammer.

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