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You Can Now Make Money On Pinterest

If you’re looking for a place to gather inspiration and ideas, Pinterest is actually a pretty good place to go. If you wanted to, you could even gain a following by curating cool ideas for people, but unfortunately, making a money off Pinterest isn’t exactly straightforward, at least until now where the company has announced monetization features for its users.

According to Pinterest, this will come in the form of allowing users to tag Idea Pins with Product Pins. The company claims that, “We found that Pinners are 89% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in Idea Pins than on standalone Product Pins.” Pinterest will also be introducing paid partnership labels to Idea Pins, which will allow creators to disclose their paid partnerships while giving brands more visibility.

Prior to this, creators on Pinterest could make money but it was kind of a manual process. Creators would either have to link their content to their blogs in hopes that visitors would generate Adsense revenue, or they would need to reach out to brands and companies for sponsorships.

This is versus other platforms such as YouTube where there are already monetization features built into it and all users need to do is post videos. In any case, if you are an avid Pinterest user or creator, then these new features and changes might be worth looking into.

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