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8 things to keep in mind when buying a laptop for online classes

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The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new normal for students where they have been restricted to online classes. It is essential to have the right laptop for attending them. If you are a student or a parent looking to buy a laptop, here are some things you should note before buying one.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a Windows laptop just for school or college purposes. There are several good Windows laptop brands out there like HP, Dell, Acer and Asus with budget-friendly options.

No need for a very high-resolution display panel

There is no need for a very high-resolution display panel as it is responsible for the hefty price of a laptop. A display resolution up to full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) should be more than sufficient for a Windows laptop. If you want to save some serious cash, you can go for lower resolutions, like 1366 x 768 pixels too.

​Minimum processor requirement

Though Intel Core i3 laptops are still in the market, it would be better to get a laptop with a Core i5 processor to be future proof for at least some years.

​Minimum RAM requirement

Your laptop must have a minimum of 8GB RAM. You need not go for higher RAM than 8GB. An 8GB RAM is sufficient for a budget student laptop. 4GB RAM is not recommended as it would slow your system down and make working on your laptop hard.

Minimum hard drive space

512GB HDD or 256GB SSD is recommended for your laptop. The files related to studies, unless they are video lectures that need to be downloaded, do not require a lot of space.

Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 OS

Keeping your Windows 10 OS regularly updated is the most basic way to prevent yourself from cyber harm, though it is not a guarantee. Also, with regular OS updates, your system would be more efficient.

Microsoft Office 365 suite

Purchasing the latest MS Office suite is recommended if your online resources are being distributed using Microsoft apps.

​Invest in a reliable antivirus programme

It is recommended that you purchase a powerful antivirus solution like Norton or Bitdefender for your Windows laptop as malicious files can cause harm to your device, thus hampering your progress in classes.

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