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BREAKING: Senate President holds plenary session under a leaking roof

National Assembly Lobby

The Senate lobby of the National Assembly Complex on Tuesday was filled with water with the cleaners battling to clean and control water from flowing into the Senate Chambers.

The water was leaking directly from the roof, but visitors and Senators coming into the Senate chambers at about 11.00 am were bewildered where such amount of water could be coming from.

Some Senators and journalists stood to see the leaking watplenary session under a leaking roofer that the cleaners were trying to control even as photographers were busy taking pictures.

However, the National Assembly complex is the property of the Federal Capital Territory Administration and its maintenance too.

According to DAILY POST the sum of N37 billion was budgeted for the maintenance of the complex in the 2020 budget which elicited wild reactions from the public including the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The controversy that trailed the budget which was considered too humongous led to its reduction but it wasn’t approved by the Federal Executive Council, DAILY POST has learnt.

Amid the leaking roof of the lobby, Senate President, Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Lawan entered the chambers at exactly 11.00am to preside over the plenary.

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