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Google and Verve are working together to allow Nigerians to make payments with Naira cards on the Play Store

A collaboration between Google and Verve now allows Nigerians to make purchases on the Play Store using their Verve cards. This move intends to bolster the country’s digital ecosystem and simplify the payment process for Google Play Store applications and services. 

According to a press release seen by Technext, Google will now facilitate local payments made with Verve cards. This will simplify the process, enabling Nigerians to easily access their preferred Play Store apps. 

In recent times, Nigerians have struggled with international transactions. While some commercial banks suspended the feature, a few others restricted the monthly spending limit to $20. This forced many citizens to consider alternatives like Chipper Cash and succumb to exorbitant exchange rates. 

Google and Verve’s partnership is symbolic because it breaks the barrier often associated with international payments. Based on the press statement, transactions made on the Play Store using Verve cards will be classified as local. That’s because they’ll be processed in Naira, Nigeria’s currency. 

Google Play Store

This feature is exclusive to Nigerians who use Android devices and Verve cards. To access this service, users must follow some easy steps. Upon opening the Play Store application, select the preferred app to be bought, and tap the amount displayed. The next step will be to click the “add debit or credit card” icon and supply the Verve card details. These include the card number, expiry date, and CVV number. 

Alternatively, users can visit to initiate the process. For this method, they need to log in with their Gmail account, add a payment option, input their card details, and then click save. After this, go to the Play Store and purchase the item. Barring any hitches, Google will debit the stated amount immediately.

A big step for financial inclusion on Play store

Millions of Nigerians stand to benefit from Google and Verve’s latest partnership. It’ll enable them to seamlessly access Play Store’s vast selection of apps and services, among other benefits. 

Commenting on the deal, Anthea Crawford, Google Play’s Head of Retail and Partnerships says “We are thrilled to collaborate with Verve, expanding Google Play access for more Nigerians. The introduction of local payments with Verve cards is a significant milestone, enabling more Nigerians to participate in the app economy and access the apps they need.” 

Similarly,  Vincent Ogbunude, Verve International’s Managing Director, remarked that the alliance will greatly benefit his company’s financial inclusion objective. He also believed this would reduce the digital divide for Verve cardholders. 

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