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Google Makes it Easier for Businesses to Handle Listings

In the era of the Internet, being online has become paramount in order to establish your presence and this is also true for businesses. To make the presence felt better, Google has now announced an update that makes it easier for businesses to edit their listing on the search engine.
These days every business, be it a restaurant or a start-up, need to establish their name online in order to ensure that their brand is trusted by users and Google’s new easy-to-access business dashboard will help businesses do just that.
“With more than 80% of people searching the web to find local information,1 it’s important to have a high-quality presence that showcases what makes your business unique,” Google stated.
Since people are increasingly becoming more focused on what they see when they search and not what is being shoved down their throats via advertising on TV or other mediums, listings help in giving a certain credibility to the businesses.
Businesses can edit their listings via the business dashboard in Google Search. Find your business on Google Search and fill in all the missing information including photos and you’ll be able to see how many views you get on the listing too.
“Businesses with complete listings on Google are twice as likely to gain customer trust, 38% more likely to attract in-store visits, and 29% more likely to see a purchase,” they added.
How Does it Work?
Log into your Google business account and search for your business on Google Search. You’ll see options, like ‘Edit Info’, ‘Add Photo’, ‘Post’, ‘Reviews’, above the business listing.
Once you click on the edit button, the fields that you can edit will be highlighted. Edit the information and upload photos directly from Google Search and you’re good to go.
Business owners will be able to see how many views their listing gets and know when users upload a photo of their business

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