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Microsoft is reportedly planning an all-in-one “super app” for your needs

Microsoft is planning to create a WeChat-like “super app”

Microsoft is reportedly considering turning its attention to an all-in-one “super app” that would see it challenging Apple and Google’s dominance in the mobile search space.

According to reports by The Information, the app could combine shopping, messaging, web search, and news feeds, among potentially even more concepts, that will see it act as a single platform for most personal daily needs.

Microsoft executives have apparently been looking for a solution to increase the company’s advertising business and its Bing search. In launching an all-in-one platform, the company will also be able to entice customers to its other revenue-generating products such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

Microsoft “Super App”

Besides the niche $1,400 US-only, Android-based Surface Duo, Microsoft has been notably absent from the smartphone market for quite some time, after having a decade-long and frankly unsuccessful crack at its own Windows Phone OS.

With attention once more turning away from its notebook and tablet families, it appears that Microsoft is ready for a second attempt at drawing people in to its own mobile interface, though with speculation and rumours aplenty, it’s unclear whether this app will be destined for iOS and Android devices (that’s if it launches at all).

The Information details the inspiration for a potential “super app”, which comes from the Chinese-owned WeChat platform, which combines video and calling with shopping and gaming.

Microsoft may not be along in its ambition to create a large, central platform for its customers. Reuters reports that Tesla and Twitter owner, Elon Musk, has also expressed interest in creating such a product, which could go by the name of “X”.

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