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Startup Profile: Ritelink Technologies get discounts on consumer products and services

Ritelink Technologies Limited is an online store offering low and discounted prices on a variety of products and services to its targeted customers.
Ritelink Technologies Limited also plays a valuable role in the IT supply chain in providing comprehensive solutions for customers’ technology needs. Her business model also provides significant leverage to technology manufacturers in reaching multiple customer segments including consumers, small and medium size businesses, large enterprise businesses, as well as state, local and federal governments and educational institution. Her model also facilitates an efficient supply chain and support mechanism by using combination of direct marketing, centralized selling and support and product fulfillment. Additionally, while her experience and expertise in marketing allows to efficiently reach and capture customers across all segments, Ritelink scale and centralized model allows to efficiently deploy a one-to-many selling and delivery model.
The company was incorporated in Nigeria on the 5th November, 2012 with registration Number RC 1076118, a couple of months after kicking off operations, Ritelink claims to be armed with the right market survey on the needs of consumers and merchants, with a strong resolution to offer solutions to the market demand beyond any available sales dynamics.

Mere glancing through the site, one can easily tell what demography market Ritelink Technologies is trying to target. Seeing as there is a sheer preference for Computers, Servers, Networking and general ICT, it is evident the goal is to appeal to the younger generational set of individuals.
This particular class of citizen is quite enormous in terms of population size, so such a decision is a good strategy by the startup to keep both engagement and revenue at an encouraging level.
However, for a platform in the business of offering customers deals on products, the winning strategy may not lie in the numbers but the ability to actually offer products at the cheapest prices. This in itself is a huge role to fill, considering the level of finance involved. So, it’s a different question entirely whether Ritelink is up to this task. But we never can tell.
How about visiting the website to see what deals you could get?

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