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Truecaller partners with WhatsApp to block spam calls

Truecaller has announced that it is collaborating with Meta to build protection against spam calls on WhatsApp

Both the generally available and beta versions of WhatsApp received a lot of features and enhancements last month, including more control over disappearing messages, companion mode, automatic security codes, and a UI revamp for Android users. We also learned that animated emoji could be arriving soon on WhatsApp, indicating that the company is keen to maintain its position as one of the best messaging apps worldwide. Now, it seems like Meta is collaborating with Truecaller to block spam calls on WhatsApp.

For those unaware, Truecaller is a service known for its rigorous caller identification and spam call-blocking techniques. It announced a few weeks ago that it has 350 million monthly active users, which is a pretty major milestone. The latest partnership with Meta will see the two companies work together to put a stop to spam calls on WhatsApp.

The user-facing outcome of this initiative is currently unclear in the sense that Truecaller hasn’t described how its implementation will appear in a tangible form to users. Based on the company’s design of its own application, it’s likely that there will be some indicators for potential spam calls on WhatsApp each time one comes in. However, it’s not yet known if there will be a proactive approach to blocking spam calls before they reach a WhatsApp user too.

In a statement to Reuters, Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi noted that the feature is currently being tested in a beta environment and that it will become available worldwide later this month. The rollout of this capability will likely be appreciated by WhatsApp’s user base since spam calling is on the rise. Mamedi highlighted that its biggest market, India, reported an uptick in spam calls received over WhatsApp. As such, it makes sense for both Meta and Truecaller to work together and nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a widespread nuisance for WhatsApp customers.

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