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WhatsApp Backups on Android will Start Using Your Google Account Storage

WhatsApp and Google have made an announcement that will make a lot of people sad. Your chat and media backups on Android will soon start counting towards your Google Account cloud storage. This change is going to be effective starting next month.

WhatsApp backups on Android will now cost you Google storage but the company will launch promotions offering storage for cheap

This means that the 15GB default storage space you get with every Google account will now be used by your WhatsApp backups. The change is going to start rolling out next month for beta users and will slowly roll out to all users on Android. You will even see a banner in settings telling you how many days before this change takes place.

If you hit your storage limit, you’ll need to free up space to resume backups by removing items you do not need.

Thankfully, WhatsApp users on Android do not have to be dismayed because Google does have enough tools to help you manage your storage on Drive, so you can just go ahead and make the changes. In addition to that, another solution, which I think is the best one, is just getting more storage with Google One. You will have to pay $1.99 a month for 100GB, which should get the job done.

To help you with the transition, we will soon provide eligible users limited, one-time Google One promotions.

WhatsApp and Google are both here to assist you with anything. I just checked out the deals for 100GB storage, and they are already excellent, so having a promotion on top of that will only make things even better for those who want to sign up.

I do understand that this change might bring disappointment to some users, but honestly, it is not something to get the pitchforks ready over. The best solution is to just get more storage, and you are good to go.

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