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WhatsApp to get cross-platform messaging soon

The EU (European Union) regulations for 2024 require companies like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta,  and Microsoft to enable interoperability with third-party messaging platforms. In line with this, Meta has taken the first step towards bringing cross-platform messaging to WhatsApp. According to new reports, a new screen titled ‘Third-party Chats’ is visible on the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

As per WABetaInfo, with WhatsApp’s Android beta app (v2.23.19.8), you can see the ‘Third-party Chats’ screen, but you cannot interact with this screen yet. However, this is a strong sign that Meta is on its way to comply with the new EU Digital Markets Act by bringing cross-platform messaging by March 2024.

WhatsApp’s cross-platform messaging feature has no release timeline yet

Facebook and WhatsApp are the two most important and popular messaging platforms worldwide, including in Europe. The interface is easy to use, and the apps provide enhanced security with encrypted messaging. The only thing missing from WhatsApp is the cross-platform messaging feature.

The screenshot of the new feature shows the title ‘Third-party Chats,’ but there are no options or buttons. The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) has applied regulations to keep ‘gatekeepers’ such as Meta, Apple, and Microsoft to ensure the openness of critical digital services. Besides allowing cross-platform messaging, DMA has also directed the gatekeepers to let users remove pre-installed apps or shop alternative app stores from their devices. In response, both Meta and Microsoft are planning their mobile app stores.

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