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You’ll soon be able to add descriptions to forwarded files on WhatsApp

The most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, is on a spree of adding new features to enhance the user experience. The latest report suggests that you will soon be able to add a description to forwarded files on Android smartphones. This feature helps users by negating the need to explain things over and over again.

The recipient can read the caption and understand the intent of the forwarded media. According to WABetaInfo, the ability to add custom descriptions to forwarded files and media is arriving with WhatsApp beta v2.23.8.22.

WhatsApp Beta with File Descriptions has some bugs

WhatsApp add caption to files

Apparently, users will be able to get rid of WhatsApp’s auto-generated file description and add their own text as a description for the forwarded files. While this WhatsApp custom description feature works similarly to file captions, the new description will be sent as a separate message with its own description to the recipient, who will receive the documents, images, videos, or other file types. This will also help the recipient understand that it does not belong to the original message.

Allowing to add additional descriptions to the forwarded message will help enhance the understanding of the sent media file. Reportedly, the feature is enabled by default once you install the latest WhatsApp beta.

This will serve the same purpose of not having to repeat things to every receiver. This new feature is reportedly rolling out to beta users gradually and is available via the Google Play Store. However, users have reported coming across issues such as not being able to view others’ status updates and issues while downloading videos.

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