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Microsoft is killing off 3 Windows services because of security concerns

It is usually the case that new versions of Windows see the arrival of new features and options, but Microsoft is also known to take things away. This month, Microsoft has taken the decision to deprecate three features and services, including WebDAV, in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Also for the chop are the Remote Mailslots protocol and the Computer Browser service. The reason for killing off the trio is security, with age meaning that there are now far better options available.

While Microsoft publishes a list of features that are in line for deprecation from Windows, the company does not exactly shout about such things. It was down to X user @XenoPanther to bring the changes to public attention, as highlighted by XDA Developers.

Posting on X, XenoPanther said:

There are details available on the Microsoft website where the company says of each service:

Computer Browser

The Computer Browser driver and service are deprecated. The browser (browser protocol and service) is a dated and insecure device location protocol. This protocol, service, and driver were first disabled by default in Windows 10 with the removal of the SMB1 service. For more information on Computer Browser, see MS-BRWS Common Internet File System.

Webclient (WebDAV) Service

The Webclient (WebDAV) service is deprecated. The Webclient service isn’t started by default in Windows. For more information on WebDAV, see WebDAV – Win32 apps.

Remote Mailslots

Remote Mailslots are deprecated. The Remote Mailslot protocol is a dated, simple, unreliable, insecure IPC method first introduced in MS DOS. This protocol was first disabled by default in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build. For more information on Remote Mailslots, see About Mailslots and [MS-MAIL]: Remote Mailslot Protocol.

The timeline for the complete killing off of the features has not yet been shared, but deprecation means that the clock is very much ticking.

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